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Pictures taken from some of the Top Surf beaches around the world!


Refresh page to replay!!

Refresh page to replay!!

Secret Spot, Central California

Wingnut, Costa Rica

Glassy Pipe, Pipeline

Playa Negra, Costa Rica

Paddling Out, Todos Santos

Pitted at Todas Santos, Baja

Lookin' Up, Seaside Reef

Heading In, California


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Warm Water, Costa Rica

Santa Cruz, California

Pierside, Santa Cruz, California

Deep Blue Perfection, Central California

Island X, Channel Islands

Classic Barrel, Puerto Escondido

Inside Out, Baja Malibu

The Big Curtain, Todos Santos

Inside the Big Barrel, Hawaii


Natividad Barrel, Baja, Mexico

Bottom Turn, Arch Point

Warm Water Jetty, Carlsbad

Mission Escape, Todos Santos

Lower Trestles, Orange County

Seaside Reef, California

Soul Arch, Banzai Pipeline

Stylin', North Shore

10' Pipeline, Hawaii

Cold Crystal, Salt Creek Beach

Early Winter Tube Time, Hawaii

Snap Back, California

Decide Quick, California

Laird Hamilton at Teahupoo

Portrush East Strand!!

Big Todos, Baja

Arial Fly Away, George's, San Diego

Deep at Puerto, Mexico

Power Snap, Carlsbad State Beach

Backwash, Puerto Escondido

Arial, Carlsbad State Beach

Laird Hamilton surfing hydrofoil at Teahupoo

In Your Face, D-Street, California

Off the Bottom, Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Trade Wind Swell, North Shore

Above the Reef, Gas Chambers

Playground, Rocky Point

Bottom Turn, California

Speed, California

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Video's take of some of the worlds Top Surfers!

Mavericks Weather (Video)

A little early season warmup at Mavericks (Video)

Fleas wild ride by Don Montgomery (Video)

Richard Schmidts early morning monster (Video)

A Little Mavericks Montage (Video)

Jay Moriarity Wipeout (Video)

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